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Finally, an affordable jetpack. Only $90,000

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If you’re my age or older, (but not too much older cuz then you’re irrelevant), you’d remember the Rocketeer. Sure, the movie sucked like hell, but it gave kids a dream. Becoming Superman is clearly irrational, but a jetpack that allows us to fly? That’s within the realm of possibility.

Packs like these have been around for a while, but the problem has mostly been cost and capacity. What good is a jetpack if it can only fly for 5 minutes at a time? Finally, the Martin Aircraft Company Ltd. has solved this problem by bringing us the Martin Jetpack, an affordable flight solution that costs just a little more than a BMW 750 Li.

[via: wired]


Written by sammyvicious

March 9, 2010 at 6:08 PM

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