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NFL Off-season news of the day

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Bengals are interested in Antonio Bryant and T.O.
-The Jets should really pick up T.O. right now. He’s such a good value.

Thomas Jones signs with the Chiefs
-no objections on my part. Jones had a stellar season, but he’s on the decline and we gave him enough money.

L.T. visiting the Vikings?
-On paper, its hard to see why you’d get rid of one 30-year old (Chester Taylor)  to replace him with another, but think of what a sick sick combo this would be. AP and LT on the same team. Sucks for the NTs of the NFC North.

Browns finally release Derek Anderson
-The epitome of a one-hit wonder, the Browns have finally purged themselves of one mediocre QB to help them make a decision on who to start. Brady Quinn ain’t much better, and picking up Seneca Wallace isn’t much of an upgrade, but at least we now know who’s the boss in Cleveland. (Quinn, for those of you who still don’t know)


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