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Over 5GB of music for free. . . LEGALLY. . . sort of

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SXSW is an annual festival that showcases up and coming artists hoping to draw new audiences, most prominently in music and film. In 2005, the festival started to put out a free batch of music showcasing one song from every band in the festival (only the ones who’ve consented, of course). They’ve stopped doing this after 2008, but a few fans have continued the free music movement and created their own page of torrents dedicated to the festival’s wide variety of music.

Some of the bands are definitely worth a look. However, d/l-er beware: I downloaded 2008’s batch 2 years ago and have still yet to filter to all the bad music. 5GB of music is a LOT.



Written by sammyvicious

March 10, 2010 at 12:45 PM

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