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Canon 5DMKII Finally gets 24p – 7D now officially useless

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Canon has finally released the firmware update allowing the revolutionary Canon 5D Mark II to shoot in 24p. Early adopters of the dSLR+HD camera had to live with 30fps nonsense until Canon released the 7D, which has a smaller sensor but included 24p (23.976 to be exact). Now, 7D buyers can live in remorse and those who stuck with the 5D can finally be happy that they stuck it through.

Sucks for people in the middle of a project though. I was part of a feature that was shot on the 5D at 30fps, but has yet to be completed. When its completed, its going to have to compete with all these films shot at the beautiful 23.976.

The firmware also add proper 29.97fps for 30fps shooting mode, as well as improvements for aperture and sound control.

[link: Canon]


Written by sammyvicious

March 16, 2010 at 1:44 PM

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