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Spirit Airlines first to charge for carry-on luggage

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Spirit Airlines will begin charging for carry-on luggage. Its a pretty big deal since this is in addition to the fees that most airlines charge for check-in luggage. The charges will be applied to all flights reserved after yesterday, but flying after August 1st. Passengers will only be charged for large carry-on items that will be kept in the overhead compartment. Small bags such as handbags, backpacks and laptop bags that fit under the seat will not be charged.

This is pretty crazy. I know times are tough, but all these added fees are ridiculous. It would make sense to just charge customers more for their ticket, but competition is a bitch.

Expect a lot of other airlines to follow suit.


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April 6, 2010 at 2:02 PM

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  1. […] is considering making their on-flight lavatories coin-operated. This is ridiculous. First charging for carry-on luggage, now bathrooms? Sure, its only one airline, but you only need one to start a whole chain of events […]

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