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Florida bridge available to be blown up in film

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Pinella County is now offering up their Friendship Trail Bridge to any film production who needs a bridge to blow up. The 2.6-mile long bridge has been deemed to be in danger of collapsing and the county does not want to pay the $48 million it would cost to fix it nor the $31 million to demolish it.

The bridge is available to the highest bidder who would like to take over the costs of destroying it, likely for the sake of a film. Despite the fact that it is unlikely that any Hollywood producer would pay for something like this, the city has succeeded in getting the film industry to do their dirty work. In 1991, the producers of Lethal Weapon 3 paid $50,000 to film the tearing down of Pinella’s city hall.

Oh man. Can anyone lend me $13 million? I’ll give you an executive producer credit.



Written by sammyvicious

April 9, 2010 at 2:30 PM

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