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Jesse James checks into a treatment facility

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Full-time cheater Jesse James has checked into a treatment facility after the much-publicized split with his wife Sandra Bullock. He is seeking help to “deal with personal issues.”

I don’t get it all these people going into rehab for cheating on their wives. How do you get treatment for being an asshole?



Written by sammyvicious

March 31, 2010 at 2:20 PM

Sandra Bullock chooses divorce

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After all the Jesse James talk, Sandra has finally decided to divorce the rat bastard.

Good for her. I’m not a big fan of divorces, but infidelity is by far the worst thing a person can do in a relationship. Definitely a Vicious no-no.


Written by sammyvicious

March 30, 2010 at 1:52 PM

On the Red Carpet at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

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Let’s face it, a man’s life is easy. Slap on a tux and bam, you’re on the red carpet. Maybe if you’re feeling ballsy, try a bow-tie and you’re golden. But a lady’s life is much harder. She must live with the harsh criticisms of the general public and must dress and tress herself hoping to please every eye that lays on her.

I’m one of those critical eyes and here are some of the notable dresses from last night:

Sandra Bullock – She always had a weird intangible feature about her that intrigued me. I don’t find Bullock particularly attractive in any way, but there was something about her that fascinated me about her. This dress has a similar characteristic. I don’t think it looks all that great, but the design of the top fascinates me. I think Sandra Bullock needs to consider getting a Jersey Shore tan. It worked for her in The Blind Side.

Rachel McAdams – I give massive props to McAdams for doing this. I mean, how many people would take their window curtains, tie-dye it, and wear it to the Oscars? Not many, I say. Not many. She does look fabulous in it though. Complements her skin tone much better than Sandra Bullock’s dress.

Tina Fey – I’m not a big fan of the Tarzan dresses. My taste in fashion heavily favors symmetry and this single-strapped looks just don’t cut it for me. I love Tina Fey, but I love symmetry a lot more.

Nicole Ritchie – I think this is  dress only Nicole Ritchie can pull off. On anyone else, I’d say that it was too crazy for the Oscars, that it might go better  at the Golden Globes or something, but I think Nicole Ritchie’s style makes this acceptable.


Kristen Stewart – This dress is just like her, plain and bleh. I wonder why she’s not biting her lip in this picture.

Kate Winslet – I’m not a big fan of the pant suits on women, especially not at the Oscars. Its a red carpet event. Especially for someone like Kate Winslet, you’ve gotta put a little more thought into it.

Julie Chu – Who’s Julie Chu, you ask? Obviously some Olympic medalist, not that anybody would know if it wasn’t for the hardware she’s wearing around her neck. Next time, leave the medal at home. It might be acceptable if you won gold, but you didn’t. The only thing worse than a sore winner is a loser who’s proud to be one.

Jennifer Lopez – I thought this dress was fabulous on her until I saw…

this. I don’t like it when the women’s top does that hard cuppy thing in the front so that you see the separation of the dress and the chest from a side-angle. Our clothes are supposed to be ON our bodies, not sticking out of them.

Jane Seymour – She’s forever going to be known as Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, in my book. But right underneath that title, there needs to be a note that says ‘hottest 59-year old’ in the world. If my wife is half as hot as her when she’s 59……………….OMG. I’ll keep this blog PG-13 rated.

Charlize Theron – Definitely on the Vicious Top 10 Hottest Women in Hollywood list, Charlize can wear a parka and still be beautiful. I don’t know too many people who can pull of purple, but she definitely can. The only objections I have to this dress are the streams of light purple that cover her boobs and trail down to the back of her dress. While Charlize isn’t the most well-endowed women in boobage (haha, i made that word up), I find little reason to draw more attention to her chest when the rest of her is beautiful enough.

source: oscars